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Vespers and Divine Liturgy

Confession is available after Great Vespers and before Divine Liturgy. 

Upcoming services:

Assume Borromeo Hall, Carroll College, unless otherwise noted.
Evening service is Vespers, morning service (if not listed) is a Liturgy

August 20--Sunday 9:30 am, Reader Service, Hopfensperger home


August 26--Saturday 6:30 pm, Akathist to St. Moses (at Boromeo Hall)

August 27--Sunday 9:30 am, Liturgy and celebration honoring our St. Moses (at Elena and JD's)

September 1 - Happy Church New Year

September 8 - Great Feast Nativity of the Theotokos

September 10--Sunday 9:30 am Reader Service, Hopfensperger home

September 14 - Great Feast Elevation of the Cross

September 22-24--Retreat with Abbot Sergius at St. Anthony's, Bozeman

September 29/30--Friday 6:30 pm Vespers, Saturday 9:30 am liturgy


October 13/14--Friday 6:30 pm Vespers, Saturday 9:30 am liturgy

October 28/29--Saturday 6:30 pm Vespers, Sunday 9:30 am liturgy

November 12--Sunday 9:30 am Typika and Thanksgiving potluck, Hopfensperger home

November 15--Nativity fast begins

November 17/18--Friday 6:30 pm Vespers, Saturday 9:30 am liturgy

November 21--Great Feast Presentation of the Theotokos

December 8/9--Friday 6:30 pm Liturgy, Saturday 9:30 am liturgy

December 24/25-- Christmas Eve and Day services/Liturgy

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